At People Powered Movement, we strive to provide the most accurate information regarding advocacy to increase bicycling and walking throughout the U.S. Our goal is to create, strengthen and unites state/province and local bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations.

Every community benefits from the fun, practicality and efficiency of biking and walking. In 2020, one-third of all trips in North America will be made by bicycling and walking for all reasons ranging from personal health and environmental sustainability, to economic necessity and moral responsibility.

We are providing information to help create, strengthen and empowered effective and sustainable bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations in every state, province and major city in North America. These organizations are highly respected by the public, media and policymakers. Their efforts in their communities and their united strength at the national level have transformed communities to places where it is easy, safe, desirable and common for all people to bike and walk.

The leaders and organizations in our movement are diverse, are intentional about engaging their diverse populations in mainstreaming bicycling and walking as an option for all, and have engaged in partnerships with other organizations, agencies, disciplines, and allies to expand the number of people biking and walking in their communities.

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