Can Reducing Speed Limits Reduce Fatal Bicycle and Pedestrian Crashes?

Vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians are often a deadly mix. This is especially true when vehicles are in close physical proximity to either cyclists or pedestrians. Speed matters and speed kills. The Connection Between Speed and Crash Fatalities The faster the rate of vehicle speed, the more likely that any accident involving a cyclist or pedestrian

The Dutch Reach is Coming to America

There are many ways to protect bicyclists on our roads. Many cities across the nation have embraced dedicated bicycle infrastructure, signage, and lights. In fact, millions of dollars have been poured into designing and implementing these measures. Dedicated bike lanes and increased lighting will help to reduce bicycle accidents and fatalities. However, this takes a

Bicyclist & Pedestrian Safety

As the number of bicyclists and pedestrians in America continues to rise, education and safety awareness initiatives will be increasingly important. Providing information about local laws and helpful safety tips to pedestrians, bicyclists, and drivers will help to make roads and streets safe for everyone. Know Your Local Traffic Laws Are you familiar with your