South Florida Bicycle Safety Overview Infrastructure and Crash Stats

South Florida communities in and around Miami-Dade County have substantial dedicated resources to improving bicycle safety and infrastructure. For example, Boca Raton was named a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Community in 2021. Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach have bicycle master plans in place to improve safety and infrastructure. But these communities have a long way

Are E-Bikes Safer than Regular Bikes?

Each year, the popularity of biking and walking increases as people look for alternative means of travel. But not all bikes are equally safe—leading to the question: Are e-bikes safer than regular bikes? You might think that increased technology would translate to increased safety. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. To discover whether e-bikes

Lexington, KY Bicycle Safety Overview: Infrastructure and Crash Statistics

Bicycle safety is a top concern for bicyclists and Lexington city officials. As more people decide to cycle instead of driving a car, cities throughout the country are facing serious questions about their bicycle infrastructure and crash statistics.  A bicycle crash can result in severe injuries for the rider. Furthermore, bicycle accidents result in costs

Fort Walton Beach Bicycle Safety Overview: Infrastructure and Crash Stats

Fort Walton Beach is a small seaside community of about 20,000 residents in Okaloosa County, FL. Fort Walton Beach attracts thousands of tourists each year with its beautiful coastline. Many tourists and residents enjoy bicycling as they enjoy the weather and the beautiful surroundings. Therefore, bicycle safety is an important issue for residents and city

The Most Dangerous Things You Can Do While Cycling in Boston, MA

Bicycle accidents can have devastating consequences for riders. Boston cyclists involved in bicycle crashes can sustain permanent impairments and significant disfigurement. The worst-case scenario is when a rider does not survive a bicycle crash. Therefore, bicycle safety is one of the priorities of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the City of Boston. However, riders also