How To Cycle in Winter

Riding a bicycle in the winter can cause concern for many riders. Although inclement weather can make a bike commute more challenging, there are many ways to offset wintertime shortcomings and enjoy a safe ride. If you plan to ride a bicycle in winter, it’s wise to make minor adjustments that can drastically improve your

Portland Bicycle Safety Overview: Infrastructure and Crash Stats

Portland was the first large city in Oregon to earn the organization’s Platinum Award for bike-friendly communities yearly since 2008. Even though the city scores high on all metrics used to rate bike-friendliness, bicycle accidents in Portland may still result in serious injuries and fatalities. According to the American League of Bicyclists, Oregon ranks second

Reno Bicycle Safety Overview

There are more bicycle accidents in Reno — therefore injuries and fatalities — than there should be based on its population. Nevada’s bicycle accident statistics suggest that cyclists in Reno are much more likely to have a bike accident than those in the rest of the state. But Reno compares favorably to other cities across

Las Vegas Bicycle Safety Overview

Las Vegas might seem like an uncommon place to bike. But its sunny weather, relatively flat topography, and nearby parks and recreation areas convince many people to use bicycles in their commutes and for exercise. Nevada tends to fall in the middle of U.S. states for bicycle safety. Hundreds of cyclists are struck by cars