Louisville Bicycle Safety Overview: Infrastructure and Crash Statistics

Across Kentucky, 330 bicyclists were involved in collisions with motor vehicles during 2021. These bicycle accidents resulted in a total of nine bicyclists losing their lives and another 243 being injured.  Large urban populations such as Louisville present an increased risk of injury to bicyclists due to the greater amounts of vehicular traffic in close

Lawrenceville Bicycle Safety Overview: Infrastructure and Crash Stats

Are you planning to cycle in the Lawrenceville area? This primer will cover the Gwinnett County bicycle infrastructure and important crash statistics to keep in mind.  Despite its bicycle-friendly design, serious bike accidents still happen throughout the area. Understanding how and where they occur can help you stay safe, whether you're on the greenway, one

Oklahoma City Bicycle Safety Overview: Infrastructure and Crash Stats

Oklahoma City has a mixed record for bike-friendliness. On one hand, the city has extensive infrastructure, including multi-use trails and on-street bike lanes, that provide some security for cyclists as they ride for recreation or transportation. On the other hand, though, Oklahoma City has relatively high rates of both bicycle accident injuries and fatalities. In

Lakewood Bicycle Safety Overview: Infrastructure and Crash Stats

The League of American Bicyclists has recognized Colorado for its bicycle-friendliness. Lakewood was one of 23 cities in the state to earn an award from the organization for its efforts to expand bicycle access and infrastructure. Bicycle accidents still happen in the city despite the city’s relative safety. Lakewood drivers collide with dozens of bicyclists