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2011 Photo Contest

The submission and voting periods are now closed. Thank you so much for your interest and participation! Stay tuned for the announcement of winners in early 2012.

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Biking | Walking | Biking AND Walking | Advocates in Action | Open Streets / Ciclovias
Women | Equity / Building an Inclusive Movement

Diversity / Equity / Building an Inclusive Movement

This category includes photos of the faces and efforts of the incredible diversity of people, from all racial and economic backgrounds, who walk and bike for transportation and recreation in their unique neighborhoods. Submit your images of Major Taylor Bicycle Club events, social justice rides, transportation equity rallies, outreach efforts to non-English-speaking communities, classes and bicycle giveaways at community cycling centers, recycle-a-bicycle programs and more!
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This category includes images of women biking, walking and engaging in bike-ped advocacy. Historically, men have far outnumbered women in active transportation in the U.S. — but that is changing quickly. We want to see college women pedaling to class, female professionals using bike share to commute to work by bike, mothers walking their kids to school, female advocates and engineers leading the charge to make their communities more bicycle and pedestrian friendly. You don’t have to be a woman to submit a picture, but your photo must include women!
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Open Streets / Ciclovias

This category includes images of Open Streets (ciclovia) initiatives and events. Open Streets temporarily close streets to automobiles, allowing residents to walk, bike, skate, dance and utilize the roadways in countless creative and active ways. From Los Angeles to New York to Miami, Open Streets have become an effective and high-energy means to build community, promote active transportation and reconnect neighborhoods divided by traffic. We want to see how your community is engaging in this growing movement.
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Advocates in Action

This category includes images of biking and/or walking advocates making the case for active transportation. We want to see citizens rallying at City Hall, holding press events for the unveiling of new infrastructure, hosting a bicycle safety class, leading a walking tour or other illustrative advocacy actions. We know bike-ped advocates are a creative and innovative crowd, so show us how you’re transforming your community into a better place to bike and walk.
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This category includes photos of walkers and pedestrians. We want to see folks moving their feet for fitness or mobility — walking to the store, going to the park, traveling to the bus stop. Submit you photos of pedestrians of all ages, from youth to seniors, walking on sidewalks or trails in urban or rural settings. Don’t forget your photos of people utilizing innovative infrastructure, like parklets and pedestrian islands.
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This category includes photos that showcase the joy and utility of bicycling for transportation and recreation. We want to see the faces of bicyclists all of ages and backgrounds, using their rides for all reasons- commuting to work, picking up kids from school, enjoying a healthy activity with the whole family. Show us the unique bicycle infrastructure, culture and events in your community. We especially invite images highlighting bicycling in rural areas or small towns.
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Biking AND Walking

This category includes photos that include BOTH biking and walking in the SAME image. So submit your photos of folks on two (or more!) wheels and two feet, whether they’re traveling down a Complete Street with bike lanes and crosswalks; sharing space on a multi-use path or enjoying an event that includes both forms of active transportation. Remember: Your photo must include BOTH biking and walking.
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