Frequently Asked Questions

1) Once I submit a photo, where will it go?
The photo will go behind-the-scenes of our site for one of our administrators to approve. Once we check that the photo is not obscene and fits within the basic contest guidelines, we will approve it and it will appear on the contest site under “Photos.”

2) Can I submit more than one photo? Yes! Each person can submit up to 20 photos.

3) Can I submit a photo in a format other than jpg? No, only jpg and jpeg formats are acceptable.

4) I am not involved in the biking “scene.” Can I still submit a photo? Yes, anyone is eligible to submit a photo.

5) What kind of photos should I submit? The Alliance is looking for original images of biking and walking – people powered means of transportation. These images may show any or all of the subject matter mentioned in the 7 contest categories. There are several criteria to keep in mind when taking contest photos and when choosing which photos to submit.

6) Who is Eligible to Enter? The People Powered Movement Photo Contest is open to all photographers worldwide. Note: Those individuals ineligible for prizes (see below) are still encouraged to submit photos, as the photos may be used in Alliance’s Bike/Walk Photo Library, a valuable resource for bike and pedestrian advocates and nonprofits.

7) Who is Ineligible for Prizes? Employees of the Alliance for Biking & Walking and their immediate family members, contest judges, and employees of contest sponsors are NOT eligible for prizes. Due to shipping costs, entrants residing OUTSIDE the United States and Canada are NOT eligible to receive prizes.

8) When will contest winners be announced? March 2012

9) Why are you creating a Bike/Walk photo library? When we surveyed Alliance organizations earlier this year, a photo library of high quality images of biking and walking was by far the most requested resource. Existing pools of photos are either dated, low quality, or don’t contain the types of photos that advocates need to convey their work.

10) I’m having technical trouble when uploading my photo, what should I do? Be patient and please try again! If you’re still having trouble, e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we’ll help you out!

11) My photo has a minor in it. Under what circumstances do I have to fill out Alliance’s release form? The form that Alliance links to in the rules is a model form for those of you who do not already have one of your own. If your photo has not already undergone the photo release process (as part of another photo contest, for a photo assignment, etc.) then you must use the given form, or a similar photo release form, to verify that you, as the photographer, have permission to use these images. Our rules state that by submitting the photo certify that you have obtained appropriate releases/permissions.

12) Do I need to submit a photo release form with my entry? No, we just need you to check the box certifying that you have obtained appropriate permissions. You, as the photographer, should maintain a copy of all release forms for photos you take.

13) After submitting a photo can I go back and edit it and/or change my submission? No. Please take care of editing the photo(s) before submission. Once photos are in the system, they cannot be changed. If, however, there is an extenuating circumstance, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and ask that the admin delete your previous entry (please specify photo title and your e-mail address) so you can resubmit your edited photo.

14) Why isn’t my photo appearing on the photos page? Please be patient. Our admins must approve all photo entries before they appear on the contest site. This may take up to three days. Please do not resubmit the photo after you have pressed the submit button as it will cause us extra headache trying to find and delete duplicates. If you’re photo has not appeared on the contest site after 3 days, you can try to resubmit or e-mail .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

15) How many categories can one photo enter? Just one. We understand that some photos will fit in multiple categories, but please decide which is most appropriate.