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Impact of Biking and Walking

Find reports, articles, and statistics that you need to support your advocacy work. Resource topics in this category include bicycling, walking and automobile stats, transportation and the environment, health, safety, and social and environmental justice.


For general benchmarking, see Surveys and Benchmarking category.


If you are looking to make a case for how bicycling, walking, and community design can have positive economic effects you've come to the right place! Also find data relating to road use and taxes, and the cost of cars.


If you want to make an argument for the environmental benefits of bicycling and walking you've come to the right place! Find data on the effect of transportation infrastructure and mode choice on habitat fragmentation, biodiversity, air pollution, and global warming. Find reports and fact sheets that reveal the environmental impacts of a car-dominated culture and how bicycling and walking are a big part of the green transportation solution.

Health and Safety

Find resources here to help you argue for the health benefits of bicycling and walking. Included are resources on the obesity epidemic and how bicycling, walking, and community design can contribute to improved public health.

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