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Education and Encouragement

Most Alliance organizations spend a significant portion of their resources on education. Promoting bike commuting, bicycle and pedestrian safety, sharing the road, and walking and biking to school are common education themes of Alliance organizations. Find resources on promoting these topics as well as sample Power Point presentations, videos, and resources on hosting classes and workshops. Find resources for planning successful events including Bike to Work Day, fundraising galas, and fundraising bike rides. Also included in this category are resources on soliciting sponsors for events and resources on planning and promoting a bike valet service for your events.

Providing BikePed Resources

Here you will find examples of safety manuals, bike/ped maps, and other materials that educate your residents.

Car-Free Events

Use a one-day celebration to encourage life-long habits.

Safety Campaigns and Ambassadors

In this folder you will find resources and models to help your organization promote bicycle and pedestrian safety. Included are public service announcements, sample publications, a bicycle safety quiz, and resources for conducting safety classes.

Fundraising Rides, Walks and Events

Fundraising events come in all shapes and sizes - fundraising galas, fundraising rides, walk-a-thons... almost any event can be used to raise some funds for your organization. Many Alliance organizations earn a significant portion of their revenue from fundraising events. To see how they do it, we've collected resources from their rides and tips from the experts. Find resources on logistics and planning, promoting your ride, sponsorships, volunteers, communicating with participants, and more.

Summits and Conferences

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