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Find everything you need to manage and operate a successful non-profit. Categories include starting an organization, board materials, communications, fundraising, legal issues, managing and staffing your organization, and membership. Resources such as sample bylaws, newsletters, strategic plans, and direct mail appeals can be found in this category.

Starting an Organization

If you are thinking of starting a new bike and/or ped advocacy organization you've come to the right place! Find resources here including sample bylaws and articles of incorporation, resources on developing a mission, vision and values statement, 501c3 application help, the Alliance's Top 10 Tips for Bike/Ped Advocacy organizations, and other non-profit resources.

Board of Directors

What is the job of a board member? How can you attract and retain an effective board that will help build your organization? Find answers to these questions and other resources for board members and non-profit heads here.

Managing, Staffing and Organization

Find resources here on workplans and budgets, strategic planning, employee handbooks and manuals, job descriptions, contracts and agreements, and performance reviews. This area contains many samples from Alliance organizations that you can use as models for your organization.

Communications and Fundraising

Regular communications with your board, members, media, and the public is essential to growing your organization's base of support. Newsletters, membership brochures, and annual reports are all ways non-profits can keep their members and the public up to speed with the good work they're doing and are excellent tools for engaging volunteers and new supporters. This section has samples of all of these common communication tools along with resources on identity and branding and working with the media. Also find sources for photos and images and samples of video propaganda.

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